The 2021-2022 Boys Wrestling Season

Goals for both individual and team success.


Audrey Sloane '23

Boys wrestling team at Saturday’s meet (December 4th)

Alexis Konev ‘25, Staff Writer

Recently the boys wrestling team brought home their first trophy to Brebeuf. The team brought home a victory this weekend. And as of right now, they are undefeated this year, 7-0, with their biggest team yet. 


Manager Audry Sloane says  “the team has only been growing in recent years”. Sloane explained how the team started out small, but only seemed to grow since she has been there. 


Newcomer Trent Brauer ‘23 talked about the goals this year for the team. 


To win individual matches that collectively lead the team to success” Said Brauer. 


Though the team is made up of people from different grades they all seem to have goals for the team, and for themselves. Another junior, Nelson Speer, who has been wrestling his entire Brebeuf career explained the goals he had for himself.


“Win for my team and learn the technique.”


The boys and Sloane have all talked about the positivity that is inherent in the team culture. Sloane said that it was somewhat unexpected, though she was glad she found it integrated into this team. 


Sloane went on saying that the boys are really close and people may find it surprising, but they are a team, just like all the rest. 


“Aside from just like actually having a really solid team community, it’s just a fun, it’s a fun sport to watch. It’s interesting.”