Juniors and College Applications

Juniors begin to plan for college applications


Katie Cotterill '24

Juniors ask questions during the Junior Launch Meetings

Katie Cotterill ‘24, Staff Writer

As seniors have finished their applications and are starting to receive acceptance letters, the college counseling office has shifted their focus from the class of 2023 to the class of 2024. Starting in December, the college counseling office is working to prepare the juniors for their approaching college applications.


The counseling office kicked off this process with mandatory Junior Launch Meetings, taking place during PRTs and after school. In the meeting, juniors filled out information on their SCOIR account, including their parent’s information, activities, and college preferences. 


When asked about the Junior Launch Meeting, junior Alex Kult said, “I feel like the college meeting is really good to put everyone on a level playing field so everyone feels prepared for college.” 


The Junior Launch Meetings are only the first step for juniors preparing for their applications. Soon, parents will fill out “Parent Brag Sheets” about their students, and family college meetings will be held. 


Kelly Lawson, a college counselor at Brebeuf, said these meetings aim to provide “a better sense of the plan for the next 6 months so [students] feel prepared for the steps we will ask them to do into next fall and so that they feel more aware of the work that it will take to get their applications completed.” 


While this may seem overwhelming, the college counselors are there to meet students wherever they are in the process. 


Lawson noted “We will meet you wherever you are at. If you are raring to go we will be on that train with you. If you are nervous, we are here for you too.”


As students begin their college application journey, several people had advice to give. 


Elizabeth Dolan, class of ‘23, had words of wisdom for juniors. She said, “be careful about how many colleges you apply to, don’t take too many hard classes your senior year, and give yourself enough time to complete your essays.”


Jenna Sutton, a teacher in the science department, advised juniors to “research the professors in the major you want to do to see if they do research in an area you want, try as hard as you to try not to get swayed by what your friends do, and to visit as many schools as possible.”


Lawson’s final piece of advice to juniors was “check your email from the college counseling office. It won’t be spam” and to remember that “This is never an office where you will be in trouble for anything. We just want to help. We are here for you guys.”

Juniors fill out their SCOIR profiles with help from college counseling (Katie Cotterill ’24)