Ten Ways to Reimagine Potholes


Photo credit: WTHR

Natanya Katz, Staff Writer

I don’t see potholes. I see possibilities. Here are some that come to mind:

  1. During the rainy season, potholes can serve as local micro-reservoirs for all residents to enjoy.
  2. Potholes keep drivers ever guessing. They create twists and turns for an exciting and alert driving experience. Add potholes to the Indy 500 to create high-speed obstacle courses.
  3. Rough driving allows city-dwellers to simulate the experience of riding horse and buggy on a rural gravel road.
  4. Enjoy their beauty. Like snowflakes, no two potholes are exactly alike.  
  5. Name them! “I’m heading over to 74th street to say hi to my old friend Left-Lane Loui,” “You almost got me Turning-Lane Tim, you sneaky rascal,” etc.
  6. Potholes can be a tourist attraction. What is the Grand Canyon but the world’s largest pothole?
  7. Potholes are extra storage space. During the summer, keep your winter sweaters there.
  8. Is your garbage can full? Why have it carried to the dump when there’s a big, beautiful pothole right at the end of your driveway?
  9. Do you feel awkward about being tall for your age? Stand in a pothole and be six inches shorter.
  10. Coal miners need jobs. Why not have them dig even more potholes?