Interview with the Football Managers


Two of our football managers at a game Photo Credit: Liz Dapp

Henry Copher '22, Staff Writer

When you think of high school football, you might think of the players, or the coaches, but one thing you don’t think of is the people behind the scenes, the football managers. This year, the team has 4 managers. Riley Morris ‘22, Alania Miller ‘22, Rowan O’Connor ‘22 and Peyton Deets ‘22. Some of the daily things they have to do for practice is get water, make sure all the equipment is out there ready, and run the clock in practice and film. On game days, they get water, hand out water to players and during timeouts, make sure they have extra knee pads and mouthguards. 


Riley Morris ‘22 and Alania Miller ‘22 are both new to the manager position and they have enjoyed it a lot. Riley said she wanted to manage for the team this year because “she had a lot of time in the fall and thought it would be a good experience.” Riley’s favorite part of being a manager is “getting to know the guys on the football team.” She enjoys walking back to the office with the players and helping out the players. She enjoys being able to help out the coaches and make their lives easier. “It’s relieving when we can make their lives easier because they already do so much for us and the team.” Riley is very happy that she became the manager this year and is excited for the rest of the season and next year. 


Alania says her favorite part of managing this season because “it seemed very fun and entertaining.” She said as the season went on, she fell more in love with managing and the team. “My favorite part about managing is being with the boys and getting to listen to all the funny and ridiculous things they say on the sidelines.” Alaina has enjoyed her season with the team and is looking forward to the rest of the season and next year. She was questioning the idea of managing at first, but once the season got going, she has enjoyed every moment of it.


You can catch Riley, Alainia, Peyton and Rowan in action on the sidelines helping out the football team next year!

Two of our football managers at a game
Photo Credit: Liz Dapp