Brebeuf students will perform Camelot


Camelot Poster Photo Credit: Brebeuf Jesuit

Ellie Epstein '24, Staff Writer

Brebeuf students will be performing Camelot, but in a new and innovative way. On March 11-13, the original story of Arthur and the Round Table will be integrated with music and dancing. This will allow students to express themselves but also convey the story of Camelot.


Camelot refers to the kingdom in which King Arthur, Guenevere, and Lancelot lived in. This classic tale of chivalry, romance, and magic has been told for thousands of years. Walter Heslin, who plays King Arthur in Brebeuf’s version of Camelot, points out how throughout the play, his character morally matures due to his responsibilities as king. There are many important thematic elements in Camelot that still resonate with audiences today as much as they did for people thousands of years ago.


Brebeuf will perform this play using music, dance, and traditional acting . When asked how this format affects the meaning of the play, specifically his character of Arthur, Heslin stated  “The character of Arthur has really stayed true and in many cases has been intensified through the singing and dancing.”


This play has also helped Brebeuf students to grow as individuals within their own identities. Heslin said that the play encouraged him to become more involved in theater as well as become more confident in his public speaking skills.


According to Heslin, Camelot has affected the cast as much as the audience. “The most impactful part of Camelot was definitely the monologues that I’ve been learning because they helped to move the plotline along and gave an insight to all of the background of me, what I’ve understood, what I’m thinking at this moment, and how I’m dealing with what I’m feeling.”

Camelot Poster
Photo Credit: Brebeuf Jesuit