Show Review: Cruel Summer


Cruel Summer Poster Photo Credit: FreeForm

Dannielle Le ‘23, Staff Writer

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Cruel Summer Poster Photo Credit: FreeForm

Cruel Summer is a new show that is being streamed on Hulu and Freeform. There have been many ads promoting the show on Tik Tok. This is one of the first shows to be promoted as an ad on Tik Tok; therefore, making it more captivating for viewers. The show stars Olivia Holt and takes place between 1993 and 1995. The portrayal of the show is unique in a sense that it provides scenes from each time period in each episode. The show airs every Tuesday night at 10pm. Cruel Summer explains the story of a girl, named Jenny, who starts out as a 15 year old in 1993. She is the weird kid with not too many friends, braces, glasses, and constantly looking up to the most popular girl in school, Kate. Then, in 1994, Jenny goes through puberty and has this whole glow up that makes her look like a completely different person. She now has a boyfriend and is friends with all the popular girls. In fact, she had taken the spot of Kate who by this time had been missing all summer. Kate just vanished without a trace and the whole town was looking for her. In 1995, the show takes a complete turn and displays Jenny just utterly and completely beaten down. She has no friends, her dad is the only one left and even he doesn’t love her anymore. By this time, Kate is back, she had been kidnapped and raped by the assistant principal at her school. The whole town felt sympathy for her and were beyond grateful for her return. However, Kate goes on to say that while she was locked up and trapped in his basement, Jenny knew she was in there the whole time. She thought Jenny would go and get help, but Jenny never returned. Kate even has Jenny’s necklace as proof, but Jenny denies all of this in a lawsuit she is battling against her in 1995. Jenny is now the most hated person in the country and is being tormented by everyone. As soon as Kate returned, Jenny’s life was turned upside down as she lost her friends, boyfriend, and popularity. The show continues on in a mysterious manner of whether or not Jenny did see Kate in the basement or not. Only being three episodes in, the show is already off to an intriguing start. The show has a somewhat similarity to the first season of Riverdale, however; it is much better with more mystery. New shows coming out like this one seem to be more popular to teens as it is more relatable.