Inside Prep’s New Podcast

A new section of newspaper, a podcast about school stress


Nick Menne

Lex Konev Speaks on the first podcast episode

Kendal Fleury ‘25, News & Features Editor

“School Stresses”, a new addition to the Inside Prep Newspaper will be releasing soon. Lex Konev and Kendal Fleury, Inside Prep editors, are filming a podcast about the stress surrounding the school environment and extracurricular activities. 


This idea started when the two editors filmed an episode of a podcast for a Final project last year. Their teacher loved this idea and asked us to film a podcast for our sophomore year. 


The first episode is all about the start of school and the stress that automatically comes with it. 


The entire point of this podcast is to help students accept that school is stressful, but there are ways to handle the stress. There are coping mechanisms to deal with being stressed in and outside of school. 


The editors want this podcast to be an outlet for students to understand that it is ok to be stressed. As well, Lex hopes students are able to accept stress and find ways to cope is also important.


“It is to help students ease into the school environment and find ways to cope with the stress that comes with it” -Lex Konev ‘25.


The first episode will be released on September 30, 2022 at