Father Bill: Day in the Life


Nick Menne '23

Fr. Bill walks with Grace Erickson

MC Swanson 23’, Staff Writer

Most students often see the charismatic Father Bill Verbryke around the halls talking to students, making jokes, and encouraging the community on a daily basis. But, he has a busy schedule and many responsibilities as the President of our school that not all are aware of.


 When asked what a typical day looks like, Father Bill responded, “Well there is no one day that is the same as the other because of the nature of the job.” Father Bill juggles many different kinds of meetings such as statistical planning, board committee, internal school matters, and meetings with his leadership team throughout his days. And most importantly, he makes a daily commitment to God by dedicating time for prayer and mass. 


Each morning  Fr. Bill sets aside time for prayer, breakfast, and (with the exception of an early morning meeting) Brebeuf’s 7:45am mass. Throughout the day he talks with his assistant Elizabeth and his Leadership Team most often to touch base about his schedule and responsibilities. His job requires lots of person to person contact and conversation. When seen at his desk, he is most likely writing and answering emails. 

Nick Menne ’23

His office location is key to him, it allows him to hear the noise and activity going on in the school hallways. One of his favorite things to do throughout his day at Brebeuf is to talk to many different people including staff members and students.


Regarding all of the Jesuits that live in the Jesuit residence, breakfast and lunch are done separately, whether that’s eating in the cafeteria or making the short walk across the street to prepare something. Dinner, however, is always a homemade meal eaten together at promptly 6:30pm every night. 


To gauge and sync schedules, each week Father Chris sends out a survey to all of the Jesuit residents asking who is able to cook which days of the week and who will be home in time on which days. Of course, they all have their own schedules and sporting events/meetings/other activities to attend to some nights, but dinner is made a priority and commitment in the residence.