Fantasy Football: Why People Love It

More people are playing fantasy football now than ever


A photo of a fantasy football draft from 2022 on Sleeper.

Ethan Bridge, Staff Writer

With the Fantasy Football season in full swing and competition being at an all time high, we will be diving into why everyone loves Fantasy Football so much. People typically play Fantasy Football from ages 12-75 showing how often these fantasy players keep coming back every year to build their own team and strategize new ways to win.


A reason some of the younger audience of Fantasy Football loves to play is to bring their friends together under one thing they love. According to Lucas Countryman ‘25, “Fantasy football is a way to bring your friends together while still competing.” Fantasy football is a great way to build a community of people who have the same interest as you.


Some of my personal favorite things about Fantasy Football is the competitiveness. I love to see all the trash talk between friends and all the incentives that you gain from winning your league. But even better than winning the winning pot is the loser’s punishment. This is a funny way for all your friends to come up with your most creative dare to have the loser of the league complete and it’s always a good laugh for everyone.


Many Fantasy players favorite part of Fantasy is the draft. They love picking players they have wanted on their team all offseason, seeing players drop to them, and hate when someone picks their guy a pick before them. According to Anthony Suscha ‘25, “The draft is the most exciting part of fantasy. You never know which players you’re coming out with and which positions will be weaker than others.” 


Players never know what to expect out of fantasy drafts. Some players they have been wanting all offseason might never make their team, or they might end up with something completely different than what they expected, which is one of the most beautiful things about fantasy.


Fantasy Football is a way of bringing communities together no matter the age and something everyone loves to get together for. Players spend countless hours strategizing their lineups every week and deciding what trades to make. Fantasy Football has the perfect combination of competition, comradery, and a love of football which is why I think the game is so great and popular among fans.