Caroline’s Calendar

November’s wacky days to remember

Caroline Donahue, Editor in Chief

Did you miss me? My dear readers, after a brief hiatus (over a year), I believe it is time I once again supply you with some of the lesser known but just as important festivities of November. Who needs a holiday glorifying genocide and dry meats when those listed blow have so much more color. So much more excitement. And so so so much more flavor. Tell your Auntie to put down the stuffing that’s 90% bread and think outside the box. I know you’re on the edge of your seat, so without further ado: Caroline’s Calendar.


November 3 – National Sandwich Day

November 8 – Cook something bold and pungent

November 19 – World Toilet Day

November 21 – National False Confession Day

November 25 – National Aura Awareness Day

November 26 – National Milk Day