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The official newspaper of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School.

Inside Prep

The official newspaper of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School.

Inside Prep

A star is born in Indy: Caitlin Clark gets drafted to the Indiana Fever

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May 17, 2024

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Brebeuf’s Track Team Sprints Toward Success

May 17, 2024

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Pre, during, post: The prom trifecta

Pre, during, post: The prom trifecta

May 16, 2024

Our definition of prom in 2024 is a lot different than that of 20 years ago; rather than just going to a dance in a school gym for 3 hours, prom now consists...

2024 Golden Globes recap

Addressing celebration and controversy from Hollywood’s most fun night of the year

With every new year comes a new award season with record-breaking triumphs, fashion-forward glamor, and, perhaps most anticipated, scalding hot drama. The 2024 Golden Globes were no exception, with exciting wins and shocking controversy alike. Let’s take a look at the statistics and media coverage that made this year’s Globes a most interesting way to kick off the new year for film. 

Following a record low viewership of the 2023 Golden Globes, the new show had a fantastic turnout of 9.4 million viewers. According to Entertainment Weekly, this has been accredited to the show’s network shift from NBC to CBS, as well as the release of many more popular films this season like Saltburn and Oppenheimer. What’s more, a new category was introduced this year-namely, Cinematic and Box Office Achievement.

Onto the wins which made the night one of emotional celebration for both directors and actors. Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer went home with 5 statues, the most of any film that night, including two for himself for Best Picture and Best Director. To the surprise of many, this was Nolan’s first win as a director despite an impressively popular filmography. 

Later, Native actress Lily Gladstone took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress, making her the very first Indigenous Actress to do so. She spoke a little of her native Blackfeet language during her speech and paid homage to her community.

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What was perhaps one of the biggest upsets of the night was Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, a summer highlight for women and little girls alike, only winning two Golden Globes after receiving a staggering nine nominations, the most of any film that night. Billie Eilish ascended the stage for her original song for the film, “What Was I Made For?”, as well as Gerwig and Margot Robbie to accept the first ever Golden Globe for Cinematic and Box Office Achievement. No surprise, as the movie surpassed $1 billion in theaters and replaced The Dark Knight as the Warner Bros. highest grossing film. 

The wins were a small victory for Barbie fans, but a loss for Swifites as Taylor Swift was beat out for the fifth time for a statue for Best Original Song. Her fans were upset, of course, but not nearly as much as when they heard the jokes made about her during the show’s opening monologue.

Enter: comedian Jo Koy, the Globe’s host of choice, and not one people are hoping will make a return. His introductory speech consisted of mostly flat jokes and forced, awkward laughter from the audience. After downplaying Barbie’s commercial success, objectifying the main character, Margot Robbie, and describing Oppenheimer as a more serious, important movie, Koy received unamused looks from the cast and the rest of the audience. Carmel student Salima Sher had something to say about Koy’s misogynistic remark: “The Barbie joke just wasn’t funny. It was weird and literally proves the movie’s point about women in society. I’m not a huge fan of cancel culture but I hope the comedian is more mindful in the future.” 

Later, Koy made a joke targeted at Taylor Swift, claiming that the difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL is that the former has less shots of her, a reference to her frequent appearance at games to support football boyfriend Travis Kelce. Swift offered Koy a blank stare in return, and fans readily came to her defense and claimed Koy’s joke was a ‘dig at her relationship’, according to People Magazine.

Many believe people’s hearts were in the right place when it came to reacting to the jokes, others believe that comedic insults are an inevitable part of award show speeches and people should take them less seriously. Brebeuf student Ini Odelowo ‘25 offers her insight on the controversial monologue. “What he said was so uncalled for and totally proves how much the message of the Barbie movie and music from Taylor Swift are needed. It’s disappointing that women in Hollywood can’t have their achievements celebrated in 2024. You never see male actors and singers get this much backlash for work that represents and promotes masculinity. The incident at the golden globes shows what Hollywood and the rest of America truly think about women.”

Success, sophistication, and scandal: the 2024 Golden Globes seemed to have it all. Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift, and the rest of the night’s winners are expected to make a return for the highly anticipated Academy Awards in spring; the same can’t be said for certain ex award show hosts.

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