ESPN’s First Take Is Worth Watching if You Love Sports

ESPNs First Take Is Worth Watching if You Love Sports

Tarig Eldosougi, Staff Writer

There is a plethora of shows on ESPN, but there is one in particular that is catching the eyes of many people: ESPN First Take.  The show first debuted in 2007 as a segment named “Cold Pizza”. The talk show features sports journalists Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, along with their co host Molly Qerim on weekday mornings. They are also joined by regular contributors and guests. This show includes daily sports news, interviews with sports journalists, athletes, spirited debates, and an assortment of other topics.  

What separates this sports debate show from others is that it constantly shows true emotion from the journalist as they talk about their opinions on situations that happen in the sports world.  For example, the shows’ hosts debated the Patriots’ “deflategate” case, just one of the lengthy sports stories that they covered.  The controversial topics  keep you intrigued because of the suspense of the story, and the show keeps you wanting to watch more. Emotions and opinions sometimes get so aroused that it leads to heated arguments, even with the shows’ guest athletes.  For example, Bayless and Richard Sherman’s live confrontations arguing over who was the best cornerback in the NFL,  or Smith and Ryan Clark’s heated debates over various rules and ref calls were extremely entertaining, especially when they got personal.

All in all, this is a great show that everyone should watch if they want to be informed on everything about sports. The show covers sports from golf all the way to football. They talk about the Dallas Cowboys a little too much, and Stephen A Smith yells a bit too much, but it’s still a great sports talk show to sit down and watch.