Chief: Sink or Swim

A day in the life of Brebeuf’s unofficial mascot

Ella Miller ‘25, Staff Writer

We all know the little bulldog that roams the halls of Brebeuf. Whether it’s his fast-paced walk to get outside, or he’s cuddled up sleeping in the Dean’s Office, Chief is loved by all. 


Chief is an 8 year old French Bulldog, turning 9 this June. He enjoys going outside, sleeping, and greeting Dean Adams every morning. 

Chief Before a Walk (Nick Menne)

“He likes to swim, believe it or not, even though he sinks,” laughed Dean Adams. 


Chief brings so much to our community. “It’s a privilege to see the joy he brings to others as I’m walking down the hall with him,” says Ms. Annee. 


However, there is a widespread belief that Chief lives at Brebeuf, but that is incorrect. He currently lives with Ms. Annee and is brought to school every day for “work.” 


He is extremely stubborn, one might see when Chief is unwilling to walk and instead sits down refusing to move. This is where Mrs. Annee says Chief has a “strong neck,” because once he sits down there is no pulling him anywhere. 

Nick Menne

However, with stubbornness comes high affection, and high intelligence. Chief is extremely smart, believe it or not. He always knows when it’s 10am and ready to go outside, or exactly when it’s time to go home, whether or not the bell rang. 


In addition, his personality can be attributed to one like a teenager. According to Ms. Annee, he is very good at the side eye, for all of his different moods. 


Did you know that Chief is also a celebrity? Yes, the dog that you frequently see sleeping in the Deans’ Office! In 2020 he was named the Top Dog at the Humane Society. 


He has a spot in the yearbook, and even got a personal invitation to the University of Indianapolis. “I don’t know, I just feel like everybody knows who he is,” says Dean Adams. Dean Adams even explained how when the school first got Chief his picture trended on Twitter. Hear that? Chief trends more often than you!